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  • Monday’s Sluggers Vs. Dexter Dazzlers

    It was a sad night for Sluggers on Monday when we received our first lost of the season. It wasn’t due to poor playing though. It was the most exciting game for fielding so far. The first hit from Dexter Dazzlers was a pop fly to left field, but it was our birdy who flew […]

  • Slugger Luck

    Tuesday night’s game against Extreme Dynamite nearly ended the Sluggers winning streak.  Starting off, we had one Slugger call in sick so she wasn’t going to make it.  Then we had one come in with an strained finger and couldn’t hold a bat much less put on a glove, and during warm-up, it was easy to see that the […]

  • Sluggers Softball Double Header

    Historically speaking, the double-header has not gone well for the Sluggers.  It always seems to end in disappointment.  The girls will go out that first game and do great, and then fall apart in the second and just be destroyed.  Well that wasn’t the case this time.  The girls in green started out a bit rough due […]

  • Softball Registration Date Updates

    We have a minor update to this year’s registration dates.  The board has realized that having registration on Valentines Day may not be the best idea so that date has been removed from the list.  Don’t worry, all the other dates are still a go. All you have to do is go to the Yucca Center, bring your […]

  • 2013 Softball Registration Dates

    We finally have the registration dates for this year.  Here is the registration flyer.

  • Mohawk or Helmet-Hair?

    We are always trying to keep our Sluggers ahead of the curve when it comes to setting trends and looking good. A few seasons ago for one of the games when we experience an over abundance of gameplay time-outs just to tie shoes, I started wrapping the Sluggers’ cleats with green tape and now a number of teams do the […]

  • Catching UP

    It’s been far too long and now I’m way behind on my postings. It’s been about two weeks since my last post and so much has happened it’s hard to start. In the past week and a half the Sluggers have played 4 games and even though we’re the small team in this age division, […]

  • Opening Day Slugger Spectacular

    The Roswell Girls Softball Association had its annual opening day festivities this Saturday, April 7.  The RGSA had the Roswell Fire Department display one of the biggest American Flags I had ever seen.  At 9:00am the 12U softball field was covered in the colors of all the new uniforms that hadn’t seen the red infield […]

  • Preparing for Opening Day- Sad Goodbyes

    Yesterday the Sluggers participated in a scrimmage against the Diamonds, and suffered a loss but won valuable experience as we are about to step into the real game of softball following the ASA designated rules in the 10 and under division. This is the Sluggers first year to participate in this division and we are considered […]

  • Sluggers Updates!!

    Ok Slugger Fans!!  We have received our game schedules and will be receiving our last uniform jerseys this evening. Now that we have the schedule for the season you will notice that our website sidebar has finally been updated. Along the right edge of pretty much all of our webpages you will find a generous […]