• Spring 2022 City Tournament

    The following links will take you to the tournament brackets for this spring’s RGSA End of Season City Tournament. Closing ceremonies will be after the conclusion of the championship games on Thursday, May 19th @ 7:30pm on the field H. Each team is encouraged to be there. Please have every girl wear their jersey for team […]

  • The RGSA skills camp

    Our spring skills camp was a great success today. The 10U, 12U & 14U girls spent about four hours running through a number of defensive and offensive skills. Here is a whole Flickr Album of all the fun.

  • Last Minute Meeting Update

    Due to cold weather, we are moving our coaches meetings from the softball complex to the Smith Engineering Office (401 N. Pennsylvania Ave. ). We don’t want to have a meeting in the cold. It’s no fun. Ok, it’s not that cold.I just love being at the office for 16 hours…….. At 6:00pm we will […]

  • Ice Cream Practice

    It’s starting to warm up out there and we need to take care of our Sluggers. So, it’s time for ice cream!! Here are a few pics of the girls after our “regularly scheduled” ice cream practice.They deserve it – they’ve been working hard.

  • Revised 6U Rules and 8U Reminders

    Coaches, the following are the revisions for the 6U Rules.  The full document has been updated and is available here: 6U Rules or at the bar above under R.G.S.A. at 6U Rules.   6u rule revisions: “.. Tee will be used for the rest of year.. 2. Once the tee is being used the batter […]

  • Opening Day 2018 – A tribute to Sam.

    Another RGSA Opening Day has come and gone.  Saturday we had our opening ceremonies for this year’s spring season and everything went pretty much as usual.  Our field was a rainbow of untarnished, unstained new uniforms.   The RGSA board and umpires were all ready and of course the bleachers were full of eager families. […]

  • Here we GO!!

    The umps are ready.

  • Last Chance to Register

    This Saturday will be your last opportunity to get your girls signed up for this season.  Trust me you don’t want to forget.  I know how my girls get whey they don’t get to play softball… You don’t want that. We will be at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex ,(next to the Wool Bowl), from 10:00am […]

  • It’s Time For Fall-Ball!!!!!!!

    Whoa… That was a little intense. Let’s start that over… The game calendar for the Roswell Girls Softball Association Fall-Ball season starts this Saturday.  Here are all of the RGSA game calendars in a single view.  If you would like to see just your age division’s schedule that link is below. Remember the team listed […]

  • Summer Blast Info…

    Ok, we’ve had a few questions on our field layout and schedules.  So here we go…. The map below shows the Charlie McVay Softball Complex field layout.  Fields “A” through “C” on the west side of the complex are the adult men’s fields and the Roswell Girls Softball Association only uses those for tournaments.  Fields […]