Sluggers Flashback

Welcome back to the Spring of 2010

Jordan Rincon

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Another Slugger Memory

Eleven Years Ago Today:

Jordan Rincon

One Year Ago Today:

That was a good memory….

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The RGSA 2021 spring season starts now.

Right Now GIFs | Tenor

So we have updated all of the game calendars.
The first game of the season will on Monday, May 10th so get ready.

Be Ready GIFs | Tenor

You can see all the games in the list below or go to our RGSA Game Calendars page or click the links below to go to just your age division’s calendar.

For your age division click the link below.

6U Calendar

8U Calendar

10U Calendar

12U Calendar

14U Calendar

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Coach’s Meeting

There will be a coaches meeting this Thursday, May 6th. All RGSA head coaches as well as any assistant coaches should be at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex at 7:00pm.

All Sponsorship Forms ( with $250 sponsorship check ) are due.  Coaches will also need to turn in their Coach’s Applications and Covid Code of Conduct forms.

You want to show up for this meeting.  Your team shirts and game schedules will be handed out to you also.

If you miss picking up your team shirts your going to be so upset.

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RGSA Board Member Info

Here is the list of RGSA Board Members for the Spring 2021 Season.

President –               Ashley Albrecht – 575-317-7458
Vice President –        Jessie Payne – 575-637-8696
Secretary –                Candice Rincon – 575-444-7911
Treasurer –                Aubrey Waldron – 575-218-4878

Parents and Coaches are encouraged to utilize their respective Age Group Rep, as much as possible. They can be extremely helpful with numerous issues and questions that arise in the season.

6U Rep. –                  Brian Casaus – 575-840-5199
8U Rep. –                  Crystal Gonzales – 505-304-0394‬
10U Rep. –                to be announced
12U/14U Rep. –        Richard Hernandez – 575-420-4791
Umpire Liaison –      Richard Hernandez – 575-420-4791

Equipment Mgr –     Brian Casaus – 575-840-5199

Field Maintenance – Steven Aquirre – 575-840-3784

If you are interested in serving on the board please contact your age division representative.

All of this information has also been posted onto the RGSA Board page.

Remember, the RGSA Board is here to support our kids and coaches. I bet they would even sport your team colors or logo if you asked really nicely.

That Slugger logo you got there is a little old but still looks great Ashley. Thanks prez.

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11 Years Ago Today

Now let’s do it again.

Softball fans, we’re gearing up for the season. As soon as we get the full game calendars we will update all the info on those pages.

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Sluggers Sponsors

Here are just a couple of our sponsors that are helping us out this season.

A Big Thanks to them for all of their support.

The donations we receive make a huge difference. That money goes to new uniforms, equipment like bats & tees and of course we’ll probably be getting the girls ice cream at some point.

Of course you know, Smith Engineering Company is the patron saint of the Sluggers Softball Team. Smith has been a faithful sponsor since the inception of the team all the way back in 2008.

So the Sluggers would like to say.

Thank You.

Thank You GIF by moodman - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Help from the Sluggers

Coaches, we know with the season kicking off every team out there is looking for practice spaces. I’m afraid we can’t help you with that.

But, we can give you a little help for when you find a place.

As a favor, we provide links to the USSSA website and rulebook. (check-em out. the links are up-top)
If you go to that rulebook looking for a nice graphic to help you layout a practice field, well, the image in there is not so great. Your going to be disappointed.

Disappointed Fifth Element GIF

So, as a little gift from the Sluggers to you, here is a way better graphic showing an appropriate field layout. There is even a pdf copy. Just in case you want to download and print a paper copy.

Image result for gif happy suprise

I know,

Your welcome.

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Player Draft This Saturday

Here is the info for this Saturday’s draft. So, if you’re a coach and need some players or if you are a registered player and need a team, you need to be at the fields Sayurday.

It’s going to be cool so bring a sweater along with your glove and cleats.

Coaches, you’re going to want to be at the fields even if you don’t need any more girls on your team.

Also coaches, don’t forget we still have a few of you that need to turn in coaches applications and most still need sponsorship fees and to complete the concussion awareness certificate. Here is a link to complete your training certificate.
HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training

Download the certificate and email it to the league at

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2020 Spring Registration is Here! IT’S TIME!!!

dumb and dumber time GIF

We will be holding early registration on Saturdays, January 18th & 25th and February 1st from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm.  ($55.00 per player)
Late registration will be held on Saturdays, February 8th and 15th from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm.  ($70.00 per player)


Registration will take place at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex (1500 N. Grand Ave.)

Our team age divisions range from 5 years old all the way up to 14, but you’ll need to show a birth certificate.  Remember, your player’s age division is defined by how old they are on January 1st of this year.Here is the age division break-down:
5&6 year olds in the 6U,  –  6U FORM
7&8 year olds in the 8U,  –  8U FORM
9&10 year olds in the 10U,  –  10U FORM
11&12 year olds in the 12U  –  12U FORM
13&14 year olds in the 14U  –  14U FORM

Click on the link for your form and print it out. Having your form in hand when you show up for registration puts you ahead of the game and you won’t have to be there as long.

In our Forms Page you will find copies of this year’s Sponsor Form, Coaches App and a few others.

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