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  • Five Years of the Amazing Ava

    May 2nd, 2017 May 2nd, 2022

  • Loud and Proud

    Catching pop-flies, stealing bases and more. One home-run for our pitcher Corina and two for our catcher Julianna (Cookie). That’s another win for the Sluggers. Dang Right – LOUD AND PROUD!! Flickr photos are also up. https://www.flickr.com/gp/141639861@N07/qrawPB


    That’s right everyone. It’s time to register for RGSA Fall Ball.Time for the Happy Dance. The Fall Ball games will begin on September 13th and will be capped off on October 30th with our annual ZOMBIE BALL games. Here are the age division registration forms for you to download and turn in:5&6 year olds in […]

  • Game 4 is a win

    Good job ladies. You can see all of our photos on our flickr page.

  • Ice Cream Practice

    It’s starting to warm up out there and we need to take care of our Sluggers. So, it’s time for ice cream!! Here are a few pics of the girls after our “regularly scheduled” ice cream practice.They deserve it – they’ve been working hard.

  • Sluggers Flashback

    Welcome back to the Spring of 2010

  • Looks like rain again – cool…

    With all the wet weather we’ve been having the sluggers have been very soggy.  We can’t have that.  No one wants a sad soggy slugger.  So what is a coach to do when the sky starts turning gray just before practice begins? Ice cream, ice cream is always the answer.

  • Two Helmets in One Day

    With a double header today and some strong hits there was only one outcome. Two more Slugger helmets would be earned today. Jayla got her helmet with three singles and two RBIs in the first game. Sahniyah earned her green helmet during the second game with a line drive triple. Good job Sluggers. We’ve updated […]

  • Daddy and Me practice

    We had or first Daddy and Me practice and it went extremely well.  It wasn’t just dads though. We also had brothers, uncles and grandfathers on the field, and that’s awesome.  It’s that kind of family involvement that makes this all work. Good practice ladies…… and good job gentlemen. Don’t forget; double header tomorrow.  So, […]

  • Our first helmet has been earned

    Abi, our youngest slugger, is our first player of the season to earn a green helmet for her batting.  Abi had a great triple in our last game and also earned an RBI on that hit.  That’s how a slugger gets a helmet.  It’s not just about a hard hit.  It’s about a hit that […]

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