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  • Loud and Proud

    Catching pop-flies, stealing bases and more. One home-run for our pitcher Corina and two for our catcher Julianna (Cookie). That’s another win for the Sluggers. Dang Right – LOUD AND PROUD!! Flickr photos are also up. https://www.flickr.com/gp/141639861@N07/qrawPB

  • Another Slugger Memory

    Eleven Years Ago Today: https://flic.kr/p/2kXR2WD One Year Ago Today: That was a good memory….

  • End of Season Tournament Brackets

    I have had a lot of requests for information on this year’s Roswell City Tournament and I haven’t had much to give – until now.  I had a short meeting with Brian Casaus the RGSA League scheduler and can now give what you have all been eagerly waiting to receive. The following are the schedules and age division game […]

  • Monday’s Sluggers Vs. Dexter Dazzlers

    It was a sad night for Sluggers on Monday when we received our first lost of the season. It wasn’t due to poor playing though. It was the most exciting game for fielding so far. The first hit from Dexter Dazzlers was a pop fly to left field, but it was our birdy who flew […]

  • RGSA Board Duty Calendar

    The Board Duty Calendar below is for 2013.  Once the 2014 team rosters and game schedules have been finalized these will be updated for this season.

  • Sluggers Softball Double Header

    Historically speaking, the double-header has not gone well for the Sluggers.  It always seems to end in disappointment.  The girls will go out that first game and do great, and then fall apart in the second and just be destroyed.  Well that wasn’t the case this time.  The girls in green started out a bit rough due […]

  • R.G.S.A. Game Calendars

    Game schedules are here!!! I know you have all been waiting so here they are.  Select your age group to view and download your schedule.                              You can also view the game schedules on the new calendar pages; 6U Game Calendar, 8U Game Calendar, 10U Game Calendar or 12U Game Calendar.  All […]

  • Sluggers Tournament Tension

    As the season ended the Sluggers ended up in third place, but now comes the city tournament. On Tuesday evening at 6:00pm the Sluggers will face the Diamondz again for the fifth time. The previous four games it has been split with Sluggers winning two and the Diamondz winning two, so it should be a […]

  • Sluggers finally take Chaos – 8-7

    If you have been following along this season you know the RGSA 10U age division only has five teams.  This means that our Sluggers play the same four teams over and over all season long.  After playing a team a few times you start to know what to expect in the game.  The Sluggers had played all […]

  • Ribbon-Ribbon Everywhere, Pop-flies and More Strikes than an umpire can count.

    As devoted Sluggers fans you know the girls in green are always trend setters for the RGSA. A few seasons ago we started taping the girls cleats to prevent untied shoelaces. The Sluggers kind of liked getting the green duct-tape and after a while it became something of a pre-game tradition. We started noticing some […]