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  • Monday’s Sluggers Vs. Dexter Dazzlers

    It was a sad night for Sluggers on Monday when we received our first lost of the season. It wasn’t due to poor playing though. It was the most exciting game for fielding so far. The first hit from Dexter Dazzlers was a pop fly to left field, but it was our birdy who flew […]

  • Sluggers Softball Double Header

    Historically speaking, the double-header has not gone well for the Sluggers.  It always seems to end in disappointment.  The girls will go out that first game and do great, and then fall apart in the second and just be destroyed.  Well that wasn’t the case this time.  The girls in green started out a bit rough due […]

  • Sluggers Attack

    Tuesday evening’s softball game against the Alienators produced unexpected but very welcome fruit.  The Alienators’ pitcher is still a bit inexperienced and didn’t give the Sluggers a huge number of strikes to swing at.  Most of the bases came from walks and of course, the Sluggers being the thieves that they are, lots of steeling.  […]

  • USSSA Rule #3 – Definitions

    We have pulled a section of the USSSA Official Fastpitch Playing Rules and By-Laws Twelve Edition to help make it a bit easier to view. We have added this section as a sub-page (USSSA Rule #3 – Definitions) under our R.G.S.A. section for our site.