Tag: 10U Softball

  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    Hey there Sluggers, it’s that time of the season where we are able to cut loose and have some fun. This year we wanted to try something a little different, so we have planned a scavenger hunt leading out to the great Invader’s baseball game where we will get to meet some of the professional […]

  • Sluggers Softball Double Header

    Historically speaking, the double-header has not gone well for the Sluggers.  It always seems to end in disappointment.  The girls will go out that first game and do great, and then fall apart in the second and just be destroyed.  Well that wasn’t the case this time.  The girls in green started out a bit rough due […]

  • Save the Dates

    We have some good news Slugger fans.  It took a while but we finally figured out how to post an active Sluggers Calendar.  Now you can keep up with all of the upcoming registration dates, meetings and of course games. We think this is such an important tool we have created its own page on our […]

  • Sluggers Surprise – Game 9 video

    The Sluggers had a great game last Thursday against the X-plode team.  The girls in green were really on their game and played extremely well.  The Sluggers had a number of great hits through out the game and I wanted to show a few of them in a video.  I didn’t have all of the Slugger hits but I did […]

  • Catching UP

    It’s been far too long and now I’m way behind on my postings. It’s been about two weeks since my last post and so much has happened it’s hard to start. In the past week and a half the Sluggers have played 4 games and even though we’re the small team in this age division, […]

  • Preparing for Opening Day- Sad Goodbyes

    Yesterday the Sluggers participated in a scrimmage against the Diamonds, and suffered a loss but won valuable experience as we are about to step into the real game of softball following the ASA designated rules in the 10 and under division. This is the Sluggers first year to participate in this division and we are considered […]