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  • What is a Slugger?


  • Another Slugger Memory

    Eleven Years Ago Today: https://flic.kr/p/2kXR2WD One Year Ago Today: That was a good memory….

  • Game Calendars Are In!

    I know it took a while but the game calendars are finally updated and you can check each age divisions’ calendar individually.  Just go up to the Slugger Calendar drop-down list to view your age division.  You can change the view of the calendar from agenda to month or week and you can print them off. […]

  • RGSA Tournament Starts

    Slugger fans, if you’ve been following along and I know that you have, you know that the girls in green have been doing pretty well this season.  The Sluggers have only lost one game all season which puts them into the number one seed position for the end of season tournament.  This position and the number […]

  • Slugging it out till the end.

    Sluggers earned their third ice cream party this season, and worked hard to get it. At Friday’s practice, it was hot, memorial day weekend, first day of summer break, and yet the girls showed up. Why? I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! It’s the ice cream that keeps the Sluggers motivated […]

  • A Little Sluggers Happy Dance

    The Sluggers ninth game of the season went well on Tuesday.  Jello started off a little wild in the circle but warmed up quickly and with the help of Tank behind the plate the Sluggers were up to bat in no time. Once at bat the Sluggers did what Sluggers do.  They hit, they stole, […]

  • Sluggers Tuesday Night Deviousness

    Monday night’s loss to the Dexter Dazzlers was a hard lesson learned for the Sluggers but I could tell right away Tuesday night’s double header was going to be different.  There was just something about that look in those Slugger eyes. Something kind of spooky. As home team the Sluggers took the field first and started […]

  • Monday’s Sluggers Vs. Dexter Dazzlers

    It was a sad night for Sluggers on Monday when we received our first lost of the season. It wasn’t due to poor playing though. It was the most exciting game for fielding so far. The first hit from Dexter Dazzlers was a pop fly to left field, but it was our birdy who flew […]

  • Slugger Luck

    Tuesday night’s game against Extreme Dynamite nearly ended the Sluggers winning streak.  Starting off, we had one Slugger call in sick so she wasn’t going to make it.  Then we had one come in with an strained finger and couldn’t hold a bat much less put on a glove, and during warm-up, it was easy to see that the […]

  • RGSA Coaches Meeting Tonight

    We had our first coaches meeting tonight, complements of Smith Engineering, and everything went well.  A lot of information was given to the coaches and almost all of the coaches were able to pick their team colors.  This year’s jerseys are provided by Easy Street Sports located on North Main and we’re very exited to see our […]