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  • Another Coaches Meeting!

    YES…Let’s have ANOTHER. In fact, let’s have two. We will have a 6U & 8U coaches meeting this Thursday at 6:00pm. Then, right after that, we will have a 10U, 12U & 14U coaches meeting at 6:45pm.( 401 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Smith Engineering ) We will be handing out team uniform shirts, game calendars and […]

  • More Help From the Sluggers

    We saw just how many folks have been using our field layout graphic for practices.  So, here is a copy of our equipment tips list. AGAIN. YOU ARE WELCOME.

  • RGSA 2016 draft days

    Just a quick video of Saturday’s 8U and 6U drafts. Remember 10U starts at 1:30 and 12U&14U start at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon. Don’t forget your gloves.

  • Fall-Ball Registration is Almost Over!!

    We have had a number of calls and emails letting us know that some parents haven’t been able to register their players because, well because everyone is busy these days.  So, in an attempt to help out, we have extended registration by one week. September 4th, 5th and 6th will be the last days you can register your […]

  • USSSA Summer Blast Tournament in Roswell

    Softball fans, the RGSA is proud to announce we will be hosting our first USSSA tournament in six years.  This weekend will be our first Summer Blast Tournament.  To prepare for the big event the games for Thursday, May 15th will be postponed towards the end of the season.  Those games have been moved to Thursday, […]

  • RGSA Registration Extension

    This past Saturday was the RGSA’s last scheduled registration date for our spring season and was amazingly busy.  We had more girls registered this past weekend than any of the previous three.  If you were able to get your girl registered for the upcoming spring season congratulations.  If you were one of those folks that […]

  • RGSA Coaches Meeting Next Week

    Attention all RGSA coaches. Just to be clear, that means anyone that coached last year and is interested in coaching again or anyone that would like to become a coach this year. The Roswell Girls Softball Association will be holding a coaches meeting next Thursday, February 6th at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held at […]

  • Baseball Tournament at Charlie McVay

    Since the city renovated the softball fields last year the Charlie McVay Softball Complex has been getting a lot of attention.  The Roswell Girls Softball Association has had one spring and one fall season on the fields.  There has also been a Charlie McVay Softball Tournament held by the city which was free to the participating ASA […]

  • R.G.S.A. Rules Updates

    The R.G.S.A. is always trying to improve the way things are done for our athletes. You could say the league is always trying to “Be More Awesome”. With that said;  we have posted the 2014 revisions to the 6U Rules and the 8U Rules.  You can find these updated rules under our R.G.S.A. link at […]

  • Roswell National Recongnition

    We didn’t hear about this immediately, but with our 2014 season gearing up it came to our attention that our beautiful softball complex has already gained some notable recognition.  The Charlie McVay Softball Complex opened last spring just in time for the Roswell Girls Softball Association’s 2013 spring season.  The R.G.S.A. has only had one spring […]