About the Coaches

Coach Candice has been coaching the Sluggers from the beginning.  She created the Smith Sluggers in 2008 in the 6U division and has been our rock ever since.

Coach Gabe is new to our Sluggers family this year but our brand new 6U Sluggers have taking to him quite well, even with those white legs.

Coach Joe is also new this season but has jumped right in and is really doing a great job with our 6U girls.

Coach Angie has helped the Sluggers team in the past and has been a big part of the Sluggers family since the very beginning.  We’re proud to have her coaching the 14U team.

Coach Ambrosio
Coach Ambrosio has also been a part of the Sluggers family since the very beginning and has helped coach a few seasons back.  He came back this season to help out with the 14U Sluggers and we’re happy to have him.

Coach Drew has been involved with plenty of teams over the years but has finally earned the right to wear his favorite colors, lime green and black, as he coaches the 14U Sluggers.

Coach Tommy only helps because he likes the color green and running around with six-year olds makes him feel tall.

If you have any questions or would like to see something added to the Slugger’s website post a comment or contact us at  sluggers.rgsa@live.com .


4 Responses to About the Coaches

  1. Erin says:

    This is the coolest website. Thanks Tommy for ALL your hard work on this page and what you and Candice do for our girls.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Like the blog

  3. Angie says:


  4. mercedes says:

    hi coach candice this is mercedes, like the videos

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