Another Coaches Meeting!

Let’s have ANOTHER.

In fact, let’s have two.

We will have a 6U & 8U coaches meeting this Thursday at 6:00pm. Then, right after that, we will have a 10U, 12U & 14U coaches meeting at 6:45pm.
( 401 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Smith Engineering )

We will be handing out team uniform shirts, game calendars and signing up for team photos for opening day. (YOU WANT TO BE THERE FOR THAT!)

This will also be your last chance to turn in your missing paper work. Coach’s applications & background checks, as well as, any missing covid forms that are needed for players.
If we don’t get these forms, you don’t get to play, and that is sad.

Don’t forget: 6u & 8u teams can only have a total of four coaches per team (on field and in dugout). 10u, 12u, and 14u can only have a total of three coaches per team (on field and in dugout).

There will also be NO practices on the field this week so we can get ready for opening day. You want everything to look nice don’t you?


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