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  • Another Coaches Meeting!

    YES…Let’s have ANOTHER. In fact, let’s have two. We will have a 6U & 8U coaches meeting this Thursday at 6:00pm. Then, right after that, we will have a 10U, 12U & 14U coaches meeting at 6:45pm.( 401 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Smith Engineering ) We will be handing out team uniform shirts, game calendars and […]

  • Last Minute Meeting Update

    Due to cold weather, we are moving our coaches meetings from the softball complex to the Smith Engineering Office (401 N. Pennsylvania Ave. ). We don’t want to have a meeting in the cold. It’s no fun. Ok, it’s not that cold.I just love being at the office for 16 hours…….. At 6:00pm we will […]

  • Coaches Meeting this Thursday

    We love meetings so much, we’re having two. This Thursday, February 17th, at the softball fields we will have two separate coaches meetings.At 6:00pm we will meet with the 6U&8U teams and at 7:00 we’ll meet with the 10U, 12U and 14U teams. We will be handing out team rosters to coaches and going over […]

  • Coaches Meeting!!!

    Yes, you read right!  There is a coaches meeting this coming Thursday. We will meet at 7:00pm at 401 North Pennsylvania Ave.  We will be handing out completed team rosters and coordinating any remaining scheduling conflicts. We will also be checking to make sure all of the coaches have completed their mandatory paperwork.  So if […]

  • Coaches Meeting Tonight!!

    YES, YES, there is a coaches’ meeting tonight. No, you don’t have to thank us.  We don’t mind at all, but with that said: We will be handing out your team rosters with contact information and picking up any straggling paper-work.  You know, coaches apps., sponsor fees, that sort of thing. New coaches. We also […]

  • Coaches Meeting – HOORAY!!!

    Okay all you coaches.  We have a very important meeting this Thursday, March 5th.  This is the fun meeting where you get to pick your team name and colors. If you like, you can take a guess at the Sluggers’ team color.  – it’s not that hard to figure out. We will also be picking […]

  • USSSA Bat Rule

    This is a reposting of a blog post from last year but we wanted to remind everyone of the USSSA bat rule.  You know, before you go pick-up a new bat. Coaches and parents, I know everyone is excited to get out on the field and start swinging those brand new bats but there is something […]

  • Don’t Forget!

    Coaches Meeting Thursday Night! The Roswell Girls Softball Association will be holding a coaches meeting Thursday, February 6th at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held at Smith Engineering, 401 Pennsylvania Ave. We will be covering new player registration, new age division rules, team sponsorships, fund raising and team names & uniforms.

  • RGSA Coaches Meeting Next Week

    Attention all RGSA coaches. Just to be clear, that means anyone that coached last year and is interested in coaching again or anyone that would like to become a coach this year. The Roswell Girls Softball Association will be holding a coaches meeting next Thursday, February 6th at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held at […]