Coaches Meeting Tonight!!

YES, YES, there is a coaches’ meeting tonight.

No, you don’t have to thank us.  We don’t mind at all, but with that said:

We will be handing out your team rosters with contact information and picking up any straggling paper-work.  You know, coaches apps., sponsor fees, that sort of thing.

New coaches. We also have some equipment if you are in need.  There is a $75.00 deposit which will be given back at the end of the season.

Meeting time – 7:00 pm
Locations – Smith Engineering Co. 401 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Roswell, NM


2 responses to “Coaches Meeting Tonight!!”

  1. When are we suppose to hear from coaches

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  2. Erica,
    You should have already been contacted. Please send your daughters name and age division so I can look it up in our rosters. Send your info to . I will send you the coaches contact information.

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