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  • Last Minute Meeting Update

    Due to cold weather, we are moving our coaches meetings from the softball complex to the Smith Engineering Office (401 N. Pennsylvania Ave. ). We don’t want to have a meeting in the cold. It’s no fun. Ok, it’s not that cold.I just love being at the office for 16 hours…….. At 6:00pm we will […]

  • RGSA Fall 2021 Season Rules

    Coaches, parents, players and softball fans everywhere….The following are the da rules for the fall 2021 season. LEARN THEM, LIVE THEM, LOVE THEM… These will also have their own pages under the RGSA section of our website. You can find them here 6U/8U Rules and here 10U, 12U, 14U Rules As always – 6U/8U Rules […]

  • Help from the Sluggers

    Coaches, we know with the season kicking off every team out there is looking for practice spaces. I’m afraid we can’t help you with that. But, we can give you a little help for when you find a place. As a favor, we provide links to the USSSA website and rulebook. (check-em out. the links […]

  • Revised 6U Rules and 8U Reminders

    Coaches, the following are the revisions for the 6U Rules.  The full document has been updated and is available here: 6U Rules or at the bar above under R.G.S.A. at 6U Rules.   6u rule revisions: “.. Tee will be used for the rest of year.. 2. Once the tee is being used the batter […]

  • R.G.S.A. Rules Updates

    The R.G.S.A. is always trying to improve the way things are done for our athletes. You could say the league is always trying to “Be More Awesome”. With that said;  we have posted the 2014 revisions to the 6U Rules and the 8U Rules.  You can find these updated rules under our R.G.S.A. link at […]