Revised 6U Rules and 8U Reminders

Coaches, the following are the revisions for the 6U Rules.  The full document has been updated and is available here: 6U Rules or at the bar above under R.G.S.A. at 6U Rules.


6u rule revisions:

“.. Tee will be used for the rest of year..

2. Once the tee is being used the batter will have one swing to put the ball in play.

A) If the batter swings and misses the Batter is Out.

B) If the batter hits majority of the Tee the batter will be Out! We know there will be some contact with the tee so this is a “Judgement Call” and Will Not Be discussed with the umpire.

C) If the batter hits the ball foul they will have another opportunity to put the ball in play

3. When any fielder attempts to throw the ball to The Pitcher (pitcher has to be in circle) the play will be called dead! The runner will be awarded bases according to where the runners and The Lead runner is.”


8u reminders:

“1. We need to make sure only 2 coach’s are allowed in the outfield on Defense

2. 2 coach’s on the bases on offense.

Coach’s outside the dugouts along the wall are not allowed. We do not need them scrambling around trying to get out of the way of any over throws.”

Come’on coaches, you know better.
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