RGSA Coaches Meeting Tonight

We had our first coaches meeting tonight, complements of Smith Engineering, and everything went well.  A lot of information was given to the coaches and almost all of the coaches were able to pick their team colors.  This year’s jerseys are provided by Easy Street Sports located on North Main and we’re very exited to see our new uniforms. It will be up to the coaches and parents to purchase the rest of the team uniform.

Don’t forget the player draft is happening this Saturday morning.  If you have a girl that needs to be placed on a team then they will need to be in the player draft.  Please remember to bring their glove, water and cleats for the draft.  The schedule is listed on the sidebar and on the calendar page.

If you are a coach and will be drafting your entire team or just need to pickup a few players to complete your roster here is a simple spreadsheet that may help.  Along the left edge are the girls’ draft numbers.  As each player works through the skills you rank their abilities on a scale of 1-3 (3 being the best). You will notice the “P.-3″ column in the center of the sheet. The “P.-3″ line is the “Parent Factor” and is a -3 points. This is for those sideline coaching parents that like to bark at the girls.  We don’t mind cheers but yelling and negative comments don’t help the girls so we try our best to prevent any of that with our Sluggers.  You may choose to not use this column while picking your team but for the Sluggers we try to keep those type of parents out of our bleachers.

If you think this sheet will help in your draft feel free to use it.  Here is a link to a pdf copy as well as the excel file.


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