Tag: Friday

  • Photo Reschedule

    For the teams that couldn’t make it for the Saturday photo shoot below you will find the schedule for this Friday evening (April 24th). This will be the last opportunity you have to take photos with the league coordinated photographer. 5:10 – Killer Kleats 5:20 – Invasion 5:30 – Hit N Run 5:40 – Knockouts […]

  • Dedicated to Charlie

    What does it take to be not just a good coach, but a great coach? It’s going that extra mile. It’s investing your time and energy not only in your team, but in their families.  On Friday morning, the dedication of our new softball fields is taking place and the newly renovated facility is being dedicated to a great coach, […]

  • Slugging it out till the end.

    Sluggers earned their third ice cream party this season, and worked hard to get it. At Friday’s practice, it was hot, memorial day weekend, first day of summer break, and yet the girls showed up. Why? I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! It’s the ice cream that keeps the Sluggers motivated […]