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  • More photos of GHS Varsity in Artesia

    Here are some of Friday’s photos and a link to the Photo gallery of Friday’s Game.   Here are just a few shots from Saturday and a link to the rest.

  • Amazing Photos and a Hunt

    While most teams took photos on the Saturday of opening ceremonies the Sluggers couldn’t make that happen. (drama…) Not really.  We just couldn’t get all of our little green ducks in a row.  As heartbreaking as it was, it has all worked itself out.  We were able to get our photos done yesterday by the […]

  • Rockets take the Wildcats

    Here are photos from yesterday’s double header wins in Clovis.  The Varsity Rockets won both games to sweep the Wildcats. Good Work Ladies. Click here to see the full gallery or click on any one of the photos.

  • OhMyGosh Photos!!!

    YES PHOTOS!!! We’ve been having some trouble with our cloud service lately- Thanks a lot Microsoft…. So we’ve decided to switch services that host our photos and videos.  The Sluggers are now on Flickr, or at least we’re trying it out for now. Here is a link to the photos and videos we have so far. […]

  • Photo Reschedule

    For the teams that couldn’t make it for the Saturday photo shoot below you will find the schedule for this Friday evening (April 24th). This will be the last opportunity you have to take photos with the league coordinated photographer. 5:10 – Killer Kleats 5:20 – Invasion 5:30 – Hit N Run 5:40 – Knockouts […]

  • Team photo schedule.

    Coaches and parents.  Team photos will be taken next Saturday, April 18th at the softball fields. Photo order envelopes will be in the concession stand for coaches to pick-up tonight. Some teams have already coordinated with Denna on other arrangements but the following is the schedule for next saturday. If you don’t see your team name or […]

  • Sluggers AutoAwesome Story by Google+

    We’re trying something new!! It’s called a google+ story.  Just click on the photo.  It’s kind of cool. https://plus.google.com/112683502575975764650/posts/ZoRhwwZ4buX I didn’t even know I could do that!!!

  • Summer Blast Tournament Picks

    Once again my prolific nature was able to net a few good photos of this weekends tournament in Roswell.  As you know, this was the first USSSA tournament in Roswell for some years and most definitely the first in the rebuilt complex. The Sluggers were very happy to welcome back a player from our past seasons. […]

  • A few picks from a blind squirrel.

    I started taking photos of my daughter’s softball games when she was in 6U.  It didn’t take  me long to realize “I’m bad at photography.”  I have poor composition.  I can’t judge light to save my life.  My timing is non-existent – I always miss the shot.  There is one thing I have going for me […]

  • Slugger Hunger

    Dang-it Terri, we need those for practice.