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  • Photo Reschedule

    For the teams that couldn’t make it for the Saturday photo shoot below you will find the schedule for this Friday evening (April 24th). This will be the last opportunity you have to take photos with the league coordinated photographer. 5:10 – Killer Kleats 5:20 – Invasion 5:30 – Hit N Run 5:40 – Knockouts […]

  • Registration Exaggeration!!!!

    Ok softball enthusiasts, we have had a huge increase in demand and popularity for the first season of fall ball.  You’d think we were giving out free brain-sicles on the hottest day of the zombie apocalypses. Because of the “hoards”, the Roswell Girls Softball Association has decided that player and coach registration will be extended.  Last Saturday was supposed […]

  • Sports Challenge – Knock It Out!

    Attention Everyone. The Roswell Girls Softball Association is known for its support and involvement with the youth in the City of Roswell but we all know we can do more.  The RGSA will be holding its first annual opening day “Knocking Hunger Out of the Park Food Drive” on April 13th, 2013.  This will be the […]

  • 2011 Roswell Girls Softball Association Rankings

    The 2011 season has come to an end and the Sluggers have had a pretty good year. It took a little while but we finally got the rankings from the league. First Place – Dexter Dazzlers Second Place – Sluggers Third Place – Bat-Attitude Fourth Place – Lil Divas Fifth Place – Hot Shots Sixth […]