Registration Exaggeration!!!!

Ok softball enthusiasts, we have had a huge increase in demand and popularity for the first season of fall ball.  You’d think we were giving out free brain-sicles on the hottest day of the zombie apocalypses.

Because of the “hoards”, the Roswell Girls Softball Association has decided that player and coach registration will be extended.  Last Saturday was supposed to be our last day for registration but we decided to go until this Tuesday. Well, we are still experiencing a great deal of demand so we have pushed the deadline to this Saturday, September 21st.

Download and fill out the registration form for your player and bring it in before it’s too late.  We are not planning on being at the softball fields so call a board member to coordinate a location to drop off your forms.

The forms and board member numbers are in the blog post just below this one.

With the new registration deadline this Saturday, that all means that we will be pushing the full season calendar back by one week also.  Our fall ball opening day will now be Saturday, October 5th.

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