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  • Clinic Opportunity

    Attention softball fans… There is a great opportunity to get your player a little clinic time. Below is a flier for a clinic coming up in just a few days, (April 29th, 2018). Clarification: – The poster does say RGSA but the Roswell Girls Softball Association is only connected in the fact that the event […]

  • A few picks from a blind squirrel.

    I started taking photos of my daughter’s softball games when she was in 6U.  It didn’t take  me long to realize “I’m bad at photography.”  I have poor composition.  I can’t judge light to save my life.  My timing is non-existent – I always miss the shot.  There is one thing I have going for me […]

  • Roswell National Recongnition

    We didn’t hear about this immediately, but with our 2014 season gearing up it came to our attention that our beautiful softball complex has already gained some notable recognition.  The Charlie McVay Softball Complex opened last spring just in time for the Roswell Girls Softball Association’s 2013 spring season.  The R.G.S.A. has only had one spring […]

  • RGSA Coaches Meeting

    Attention coaches!  This thursday March 7th, we will be holding a coaches meeting at Smith Engineering Company at 7:00pm.  All coaches in the Roswell Girls Softball Association need to attend to get general season information, pick team colors, and pick up information on this weekend’s player draft. Smith Engineering Co. 401 Pennsylvania Avenue Roswell, New Mexico […]