Dedicated to Charlie

What does it take to be not just a good coach, but a great coach? It’s going that extra mile. It’s investing your time and energy not only in your team, but in their families.  On Friday morning, the dedication of our new softball fields is taking place and the newly renovated facility is being dedicated to a great coach, Charlie McVay.  If you don’t remember last season, Charlie passed unexpectedly and he was near and dear to the hearts of many of us.  He invested his time, energy, and talent in softball but more importantly in the girls he coached.  At his funeral last year, many friends and family members showed up, but even more of his old softball players were there to honor him one last time.

This Friday at 10:00am when they name our new fields Charlie McVay Memorial Softball Complex, I will be there to honor him and keep his memory alive with how I represent myself as a coach.  This will be a time when many of us remember and understand again why we do what we do for all these girls that share our love of this sport.  If you want to be inspired, then join us Friday morning.  Open your hearts and your minds and allow the memory of this wonderful man to reach you.  These fields are amazing, and the city did a great job building a complex we can be proud of.  After the dedication, the city will put on their first softball tournament in the new complex, it should be great.

I know what your saying, “But we already had a full season and a tournament on those fields?”  I know, I saw the photos, the Sluggers got a big giant trophy, but that was the RGSA spring season and is independent of the Roswell Summer League which is run by one of Roswell’s City Council members.  So even though RGSA technically already used that “brand new” facility the city will be dedicating it this Friday.  The fact that we’ve already use the softball fields doesn’t diminish just how important the official dedication will be.  The Sluggers will not be playing in the tournament but we will be at the opening cerimonies and we hope to see you all there.


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