• Our first helmet has been earned

    Abi, our youngest slugger, is our first player of the season to earn a green helmet for her batting.  Abi had a great triple in our last game and also earned an RBI on that hit.  That’s how a slugger gets a helmet.  It’s not just about a hard hit.  It’s about a hit that […]

  • Ribbon-Ribbon Everywhere, Pop-flies and More Strikes than an umpire can count.

    As devoted Sluggers fans you know the girls in green are always trend setters for the RGSA. A few seasons ago we started taping the girls cleats to prevent untied shoelaces. The Sluggers kind of liked getting the green duct-tape and after a while it became something of a pre-game tradition. We started noticing some […]

  • Sluggers Surprise – Game 9 video

    The Sluggers had a great game last Thursday against the X-plode team.  The girls in green were really on their game and played extremely well.  The Sluggers had a number of great hits through out the game and I wanted to show a few of them in a video.  I didn’t have all of the Slugger hits but I did […]

  • Mohawk or Helmet-Hair?

    We are always trying to keep our Sluggers ahead of the curve when it comes to setting trends and looking good. A few seasons ago for one of the games when we experience an over abundance of gameplay time-outs just to tie shoes, I started wrapping the Sluggers’ cleats with green tape and now a number of teams do the […]

  • Game 7 Sluggers and Chaos – Again

    Ok Slugger fans, this may sound a bit redundant but, the Sluggers met Chaos on the softball field this Saturday and the girls had a game. Chaos won the last game with the Sluggers and the girls in green didn’t want that to happen again. You could tell it was going to be a good […]

  • Opening Day Photos

    We have updated our Sluggers Skydrive Gallery with all the photos of our opening day fun.  Everything is sort of clumped together but the photos are still in order. So you will see photos of all the Sluggers having their team and individual photos taken first. After our team photos you will see everyone lined up […]