Mohawk or Helmet-Hair?

We are always trying to keep our Sluggers ahead of the curve when it comes to setting trends and looking good.

A few seasons ago for one of the games when we experience an over abundance of gameplay time-outs just to tie shoes, I started wrapping the Sluggers’ cleats with green tape and now a number of teams do the same.  If one of the girls does a good job steeling bases or sliding we don’t have a problem picking up a few pair of green shoelaces.

We always have to get the cool socks and hair ribbons – it’s a must, but when a Slugger really starts improving her batting we’ll get her a custom painted helmet.  We put their jersey number on the front and it’s theirs to keep.  We want them to know that working hard to improve at something is worth more than just a pat on the back.

Of course if you have a custom helmet you have to show-off just how many home runs you have hit. So we do that too, and we have to put them so the pitcher can see them.

Our Sluggers look good while playing good, and everyone seems to expect them to standout from the crowd.  Well, we don’t want to disappoint the adoring Slugger fans.  So, at last night’s game we proudly introduced the Slugger Mohawk.


Jordy got a lot of stares, but everyone loved it.  Even the other teams and especially the other Sluggers.  Looks like I need to get more zip-ties.

If you like Jordy’s mohawk hit that like button. If you hate it leave me a comment and tell me why.

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