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  • A Post from the Pitcher

    The season is now over and I’m sad, but I’m glad we won first place. Now there’s no more games or practices and we get to go swimming. I’m so ready for the end of the year party it’s going to be the Invaders baseball game, it’s awesome! I think we’re going to have sooo […]

  • Last Year’s End of Season Party

    Here are a few photos from last years party.  We took the Sluggers to see a Roswell Invaders game. The girls got to meet the players before the game. The Sluggers were also introduced before the game and took the field with the Invaders for the National Anethum. During the game the Sluggers were even allowed […]

  • Sluggers finally take Chaos – 8-7

    If you have been following along this season you know the RGSA 10U age division only has five teams.  This means that our Sluggers play the same four teams over and over all season long.  After playing a team a few times you start to know what to expect in the game.  The Sluggers had played all […]

  • Mohawk or Helmet-Hair?

    We are always trying to keep our Sluggers ahead of the curve when it comes to setting trends and looking good. A few seasons ago for one of the games when we experience an over abundance of gameplay time-outs just to tie shoes, I started wrapping the Sluggers’ cleats with green tape and now a number of teams do the […]

  • Game 7 Sluggers and Chaos – Again

    Ok Slugger fans, this may sound a bit redundant but, the Sluggers met Chaos on the softball field this Saturday and the girls had a game. Chaos won the last game with the Sluggers and the girls in green didn’t want that to happen again. You could tell it was going to be a good […]

  • Opening Day Game 1 Video

    Here are some of the game highlights of the fist game of the season.  These aren’t all of the great plays or hits but still some good stuff. Now this only shows one of Janessa’s homeruns. She hit two and helped the Sluggers win 15-11 – GOOD JOB SLUGGERS! If you want to see all of the game […]