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  • Opening Day 2018 – A tribute to Sam.

    Another RGSA Opening Day has come and gone.  Saturday we had our opening ceremonies for this year’s spring season and everything went pretty much as usual.  Our field was a rainbow of untarnished, unstained new uniforms.   The RGSA board and umpires were all ready and of course the bleachers were full of eager families. […]

  • Opening Day At Charlies…

    Well Slugger fans, the RGSA has had another successful opening day at the Charlie McVay Memorial Softball Complex.  We had the National Anthem performed by the very talented Laura Lucero – Carrillo. Laura did an amazing job so we’ll forgive her for not wearing green. After the opening prayer was provided by Pastor Savino Sanchez the RGSA presented […]

  • Opening Day is Here!!

    Softball fans, I hope you’re ready because the waiting in over.  The RGSA opening ceremonies is tomorrow, Saturday, April 4th. Everything kicks-off at 9:00am so you’re going to want to get to the softball complex early. Don’t forget, on opening day we have our : Opening Day, Knocking Hunger Out of the Park Food Drive. The […]

  • RGSA Player Draft Schedule

    Saturday, March 15th at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex Please don’t forget to bring your own softball glove- 14U 10:30am – 10:45am   Check In 10:45am – 11:30am    Skills 10U 11:30am – 12:00pm   Check In 12:15pm – 1:15pm    Skills 12U 12:45pm – 1:15pm   Check In 1:30pm – 2:30pm   Skills 8U 2:30pm   Check In 2:45 – 3:45pm    Skills All girls who are not on […]

  • 2013 Opening Day

    We have photos of our RGSA Opening Day Ceremonies at our newly renovated softball fields.  With all the teams filling the new 6U field in all their fresh new uniforms it was like standing in a small rainbow laying on its side. As the girls and coaches stood on our new beautiful green grass the opening ceremonies went off without a […]

  • Work work work.

    A day to go and working like crazy!!! Opening ceremonies are this Saturday and the city crew is still working on the softball field with only a day to go. Looks like they’re concentrating on the concession stand in the electrical systems. It also looks like they’re going to try and get a paved walkway […]

  • Don’t forget!!!

    You can win $100 for your team by bringing in canned goods to the opening day ceremonies this Saturday.  Sears, Farmers Market and Lawrence Brothers are volunteering shopping carts for each team.  The team that fills their cart up the most will win the $100 Visa Gift Card.  You can use that to buy a new bat […]

  • Opening Day Game 1 Video

    Here are some of the game highlights of the fist game of the season.  These aren’t all of the great plays or hits but still some good stuff. Now this only shows one of Janessa’s homeruns. She hit two and helped the Sluggers win 15-11 – GOOD JOB SLUGGERS! If you want to see all of the game […]

  • Opening Day Photos

    We have updated our Sluggers Skydrive Gallery with all the photos of our opening day fun.  Everything is sort of clumped together but the photos are still in order. So you will see photos of all the Sluggers having their team and individual photos taken first. After our team photos you will see everyone lined up […]

  • Opening Day Slugger Spectacular

    The Roswell Girls Softball Association had its annual opening day festivities this Saturday, April 7.  The RGSA had the Roswell Fire Department display one of the biggest American Flags I had ever seen.  At 9:00am the 12U softball field was covered in the colors of all the new uniforms that hadn’t seen the red infield […]