Opening Day Photos

We have updated our Sluggers Skydrive Gallery with all the photos of our opening day fun.  Everything is sort of clumped together but the photos are still in order. So you will see photos of all the Sluggers having their team and individual photos taken first.

After our team photos you will see everyone lined up on the 12U field for opening ceremonies. Some enjoyed it more than others.

After opening ceremonies we move into our first game of the season. We were all nervous but the Sluggers are always ready with a good game-face.

Once the Sluggers had won their first game it was time for a quick lunch and a little relaxation under the shade.

The rest didn’t last long though.  The Sluggers had a second game to play after lunch and even though they were already exhausted they were able to pep themselves up.
It didn’t take long to see that the Sluggers had found a nice rhythm when it came to steeling bases. I didn’t know I had trained a bunch of thieves.

If you would like to see all of the Opening Day Photos you can go to our Sluggers Skydrive Gallery here or on our sidebar.

Don’t forget to change the view style of the photos so you can review the images.

Our next game is this Thursday, April 12 at 6:00pm. Don’t forget your GREEN!!!


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