Opening Day Slugger Spectacular

The Roswell Girls Softball Association had its annual opening day festivities this Saturday, April 7.  The RGSA had the Roswell Fire Department display one of the biggest American Flags I had ever seen.  At 9:00am the 12U softball field was covered in the colors of all the new uniforms that hadn’t seen the red infield clay yet.

With all the anxious players, proud parents and nervous coaches present the Sluggers Softball team had our very first standout moment of the season.  You can’t have an opening sports ceremony without a stirring rendition of the national anthem.  This year’s national anthem was sang by our very own Alexis.

Alexis is one of the original Sluggers and has been on the team since it’s creation in 2008.  I didn’t even know she could sing but I guess she can do more than just play softball.  Alexis had some well deserved butterflies but with some minor “coaching” from Coach Candice, a local music teacher, Alexis did a fantastic job.

Because I’m such a nice guy we even have Lex’s performance so enjoy.

Lex did the Roswell Girls Softball Association and the Sluggers Softball team proud, she was amazing and didn’t even need her glove or bat.

As wonderful as that all was, and it was pretty dang wonderful, it wasn’t nearly the only great thing a slugger did on opening day.  You may not know this but for some reason the Sluggers always have a double-header on opening day. Don’t ask me why – I don’t know.  This opening day was no different and the girls had two games after the ceremonies had come to a close.

This is the first season that the Sluggers have played in the 10U age division and we’re the newbies on this block of experienced teams.  All the other 10U teams have been in this age group for one year and the Sluggers are having to play catch-up with a new set of rules.  With that in mind you will want to read the next blog post.  You will get to see some exclusive video of our first home run of the season, followed by our second and third.  Yes, the Sluggers won both – BOTH, of their opening day games.

Terri’s homerun in the 2nd.

Terri’s home run hit isn’t the only one we had.  It’s just the only one I had a good photo of.  We also had 2 amazing home runs by our pitcher Janessa. Here are a few photos of just one of Janessa’s home run hits.  You can see she was able to bring in Julia who was already on second base.


You can see all of the opening day photos at our Sluggers Skydrive Gallery.


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