Opening Day 2018 – A tribute to Sam.

Another RGSA Opening Day has come and gone.  Saturday we had our opening ceremonies for this year’s spring season and everything went pretty much as usual.  Our field was a rainbow of untarnished, unstained new uniforms.

The RGSA board and umpires were all ready and of course the bleachers were full of eager families.

There was one important person missing Saturday morning.  For the first time in years, our umpire Sam Delgado was not on the field with us.  Sam passed away not long ago and that left a huge hole in our league family.  Much of Sam’s family and friends were present in his place.


They were there to not only throw out the first pitch but to help us dedicate one of our fields in Sam’s honor.


So, from now on, the field formerly known as “G” will be call “Sam Delgado Field”.


You can see the rest of our opening ceremony photos in our flickr gallery if you like.

We’ll leave the rest of this post with a just a few photos of Sam.

Thanks Sam


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