2013 Opening Day

We have photos of our RGSA Opening Day Ceremonies at our newly renovated softball fields.  With all the teams filling the new 6U field in all their fresh new uniforms it was like standing in a small rainbow laying on its side.

As the girls and coaches stood on our new beautiful green grass the opening ceremonies went off without a hitch.  The RGSA board welcomed the players, coaches, families and friends and thanked them for coming out.  We thanked the city for the new beautiful fields and concession building and especially the new restrooms.

Team Chaos won the Knocking Hunger Out of the Park Food Drive top prize of $100 by filling two shopping carts with donated canned food.

Even though this was the RGSA’s first attempt at a food drive it was a huge success and all the teams participated by trying to fill a shopping cart.

With the efforts of team Chaos, 24 other softball teams and donations from the general public, the RGSA was able to fill two pickup truck beds with food.

All of the food was donated to the Roswell Community Kitchen which provides daily hot meals to the needy in the Roswell area.

After the Knocking Hunger Out of the Park Food Drive gave out the team prize of $100 and the drawing prizes of $100 and $75. Mayor Del Jurney welcomed the players and public again and even threw out the first pitch, with a little help from the Roswell High Softball Team’s pitcher.

After the opening ceremonies had come to a close, everyone was ready for some softball.

Parents, player, friends and family all found a good spot to sit and watch the games and enjoy the Roswell sunshine and especially the shade.

Also, I almost forgot, the Sluggers played some softball too.

The Sluggers had a tight game against the very strong Mits-Fits, but with some solid fielding and hitting, the Sluggers were able to earn their first win of the season.

The very first point of the season was earned by the amazingly speedy Sonny when she stole home.

It was a close game but in the end it was the girls in green that came out on top with a 10-7 win.  Good job ladies.

Our next game is this Tuesday at 6:00pm.  Bring your green and fill those bleachers.

Remember, there are a whole lot more photos than are shown here.  Pick on any one of the images to go to our photo gallery cloud and if you have any photos of your favorite player send them to us and we’ll make sure to post them.  Send them to  sluggers.rgsa@live.com .


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