Tag: Construction

  • Work work work.

    A day to go and working like crazy!!! Opening ceremonies are this Saturday and the city crew is still working on the softball field with only a day to go. Looks like they’re concentrating on the concession stand in the electrical systems. It also looks like they’re going to try and get a paved walkway […]

  • Doubts of Completion

    I don’t think the construction of the new concession and restroom building will be complete in a week. I could be wrong but there sure is a lot left to do. The grass does look good. I guess we’ll have to see.

  • The New Softball Fields

    As you know our softball fields have been under construction for a few months now. The City of Roswell has had this project in the works for nearly ten years now and it’s wonderful to see this phase nearly complete. The first phase of the project was done a few years ago with the removal […]

  • Construction Delay on Opening Day

    The opening of the new softball fields has been postponed one week to allow for construction to be completed on the concession stand and restrooms.  Opening ceremonies will now take place on April 20th, not April 13th as originally planned.  The additional week will give the contractor time to test all the electrical systems and remove construction […]