The New Softball Fields

As you know our softball fields have been under construction for a few months now. The City of Roswell has had this project in the works for nearly ten years now and it’s wonderful to see this phase nearly complete.

The first phase of the project was done a few years ago with the removal and reconstruction of one field.  This placed Field G north and east of the existing complex and made room for this next phase.Wool Bowl Softball Complex old

This phase has removed the four existing fields E, F, H and I, as well as the old concession stand.  The new fields and concession stand have been built to work with the relocated Field G.
Wool Bowl Softball Complex NEW LAYOUT

You will notice that the city didn’t replace the small Field I.  That was the field our 6U teams used and now it’s gone.  Fortunately with the installation of new field lighting we can schedule the “littles” at an early time and our older teams can play after they are done.

This layout doesn’t exactly match the “Master Plan” developed nearly ten years ago.WOOL_BOWL_SITE_MASTER_PLAN_2005The change in the design means there isn’t enough room to develop Field D as shown in the old master plan.  The city has also installed an eight foot tall perimeter fence around the new fields and between fields C and F.  The adjusted layout and fence could mean the city doesn’t have any plans to go beyond this phase, at least not any time soon.

I guess all we can do is enjoy the new fields we have and hope that the city is able to complete a project that has been in the works, and very needed, for so long.  Either way, the RGSA spring season will start on April 20th and our girls are going to play ball.


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