Game 7 Sluggers and Chaos – Again

Ok Slugger fans, this may sound a bit redundant but, the Sluggers met Chaos on the softball field this Saturday and the girls had a game.

Chaos won the last game with the Sluggers and the girls in green didn’t want that to happen again.

You could tell it was going to be a good game, because the Sluggers took the field first and the very first pitch of the game was hit.  Janessa’s pitch was right over the plate and the batter had a great swing at it.  Unfortunately for the batter, the ball went right back to the pitcher and Janessa isn’t one to let a ball go by.  She put out her glove and grabbed the ball from the air and made the first out of the game.  The whole thing took about 4 seconds.

We also had a great catch by Jazz in our right-field.  That high pop-fly didn’t have a chance.

The Sluggers did well at the bat, although many of the runs were made in walks and stolen bases.  It should be said that this is still the first season the Sluggers have had the opportunity to steal or slide while running bases and they are still a bit timid.  Even with being the a bit “green” in the sliding department we had some great slides into home.
Terri and Kiara both made their first slides and both did a great job bringing in a point for the Sluggers.
Hope, one of our catchers also made her first slide into home but ended up just short of the plate and was tagged out by the Chaos catcher.  If you know our Hope you also know this little disappointment wasn’t going to cause her to give up.
In the next inning she made it to third for another chance to outrun the catcher and she did not hesitate when it came to getting a little dirty – one more point for the Sluggers.

Although not her first slide, Champaign also had a great run-in with the Chaos catcher and not only did she grab another point for the Sluggers she also got a face full of red infield dirt.

Jordan had a great run on the pitcher’s mound in the third inning.  She was able to strike-out her first batter, the second was thrown out at first base and the third was taken care of with a few more well placed pitches. This little string of outs was really needed because going into the last bat the Sluggers were down in points and they need to make up some ground.  Going into that last bat the girls in green knew what they needed to do and were ready to do it.

As the bases filled with Sluggers the points started to come in and the gap in points was getting smaller and smaller.

The Sluggers could see what they were wanting and got a little exited.  For some reason the girls stopped listening to the base coaches and started taking unnecessary risks which lead to mistakes and outs.  With only needing two points for the tie, the Sluggers got anxious and made mistakes that can’t be made when playing against Chaos.

Sluggers lose (8-10) and we’ll have to wait for another chance to take-out the Chaos team.


The Sluggers have a game against the Mits-Fits tonight at 6:00pm tonight so get your GREEN and get going.


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