Sluggers finally take Chaos – 8-7

If you have been following along this season you know the RGSA 10U age division only has five teams.  This means that our Sluggers play the same four teams over and over all season long.  After playing a team a few times you start to know what to expect in the game.  The Sluggers had played all of the teams at least twice and have beaten all of them at least once, except for the Chaos team.  Chaos is the old team in this division and has the biggest team.  Not big in numbers, big in size.

They have the largest/oldest girls in the age division and are undefeated.

Well, they were undefeated.  Tuesday’s game went a bit differently than previous games.  The Chaos team made their five in the first inning and it looked like they were going to dominate the game, but at the top of the second inning Jordan had a great run on the pitcher’s mound and Sluggers were able to get back to batting relatively quickly.

That second inning batting was just what the Sluggers needed to turn the tables.  The heat was making the Chaos pitcher tired and it seamed that Jordan’s bunting wasn’t helping them either.

It turned into a rather long second and we got just about the entire lineup, except for subs, to bat.  The Sluggers kept those bases full for just about the entire inning.

Of course you know if a Slugger gets a good hit during a game, and I mean one that really makes a difference in the game, she earns herself a custom green helmet.  The Sluggers had just such a hit.  Lizette went up to bat with two outs already on the board.  There were a combination of balls and strikes amounting to a full count.  With only one pitch left coach Candice yelled out “Protect that plate.”  I guess Lizette heard her because she swung that bat.

It wasn’t a crazy hard hit, it didn’t fly into the outfield or shoot down the third base line like a bullet, but it was a nice solid single and RBI, and it made a difference.

When it comes right down to it,  when it means a win or a loss, when the team need it and you’re the only one that can do it.  Lizette stepped up kept the team alive giving them enough time to make up the ground they needed to win.  That’s what makes a Slugger.

And they did win. 8-7


Here’s a little bonus photo.  It just happens to be of that Chaos catcher again.  I don’t know how she gets that ball to balance on the back of her head but it’s kind of cool.


2 responses to “Sluggers finally take Chaos – 8-7”

  1. If you believe in yoeurself and you fight for your dreams, there is really nothing that can stop you from becoming that! Just put in the effort, focus and persistance which is required to get there. That is the reason why so few people reach those BIG ideal goals they give up after a few bouts of defeat. Also, seek a coach (not only in the literal sense, but someone who will motivate you and keep you focussed when you start slipping).Good luck

    1. hey tomy its lizette just saying like the pics that you put but you take the worset pices of my

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