Ribbon-Ribbon Everywhere, Pop-flies and More Strikes than an umpire can count.

As devoted Sluggers fans you know the girls in green are always trend setters for the RGSA. A few seasons ago we started taping the girls cleats to prevent untied shoelaces. The Sluggers kind of liked getting the green duct-tape and after a while it became something of a pre-game tradition.

2011 Tape

We started noticing some of the other teams using tape on their cleats also but I figure it’s a good idea so no big deal. We have also been tying green survey flagging on the chain-link fencing for the last few seasons. We use the green tape and flagging to give the girls a little extra “Slugger Spirit”. Well, guess what we saw at our make-up game 10 on Saturday morning.

Some of our Slugger parents didn’t like the idea of the Mits-Fits team trying to copy our style but I don’t mind other teams using our ideas if it means helping the girls play better. Plus, “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Just before the game started something else was discovered that put the kibosh on the Sluggers’ pitching abilities.

The pitching rubber had been moved out of alignment and was now sitting about four feet too close to third base. The decision was made that the girls would not use the pitching rubber and would stand to one side to make sure they were in the correct location. (This would turn out to be bad for the Sluggers.)

The Sluggers played well but without a mound to push-off from it really messed with Champagne’s pitching.  Fortunately it didn’t hurt her hitting.

The Sluggers still had some nice hits and some very good fielding – even if they received some unusual calls by the umpire.

As you can see the girls did great and it just goes to show how fast Z is.  She can strike out and make it to first Twice before she’s tagged.

The video isn’t just about Z.  It shows a fantastic double play by Mercedes and Terri which earned Mercedes some “Green Bling” for the pop-fly catch.

The video also has very nice hits by Terri, Mercedes and Hope. Hope had two great hits in that game and is now one of our newest Sluggers Green Helmet winners.

Nice hitting Hope.  You’ve earned that helmet.

And here’s Hope at the next practice receiving her new helmet. Good Job Slugger!!!

Unfortunately, even with the hits and catches, the Sluggers didn’t come out on top at Saturday’s make-up game and we lost in the last inning. 5-8 – Dang.

I do have some good news.  I finally scanned in our team photo for everyone to enjoy.

Now that’s a good-looking team!!!

Don’t forget you can click on any of the photos to go to that game’s gallery or you can hit the link Sluggers Skydrive Gallery on the sidebar to see all of the Sluggers’ photos.


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