Sluggers Surprise – Game 9 video

The Sluggers had a great game last Thursday against the X-plode team.  The girls in green were really on their game and played extremely well.  The Sluggers had a number of great hits through out the game and I wanted to show a few of them in a video.  I didn’t have all of the Slugger hits but I did have some good ones.  As I put the video together I found a little surprise.  One of the calls by the umpire on duty may not have been as “solid” as we had originally thought.  Take a look at the end of the video and you make the call.

I know that the Sluggers won the game and that this one run would not have made much of a difference in the outcome of the game.  Sonny had a good run to home and I think it’s important that she knows she made it in.  I know it was very close but at least it looks like she made it to me.  What do you think?


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