Save the Dates

We have some good news Slugger fans.  It took a while but we finally figured out how to post an active Sluggers Calendar.  Now you can keep up with all of the upcoming registration dates, meetings and of course games. We think this is such an important tool we have created its own page on our menu.

We will try to put as much information here as we can.  That includes our games as-well-as the other 10U team games.  As we get more information our calendar will fill in, but for now, you can see the RGSA registration dates.


2 responses to “Save the Dates”

  1. christi nelson Avatar
    christi nelson

    Is there a way to get my daughter in t ball this late? And if not when does it start again?

    1. Christi, it is a bit late but I think there may be a little room on some teams. Why don’t you give Chris or Denna a call and see if they can place your daughter onto an existing team with an open slot. Their contact info is on our RGSA Board page.

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