Sluggers Softball Double Header

Historically speaking, the double-header has not gone well for the Sluggers.  It always seems to end in disappointment.  The girls will go out that first game and do great, and then fall apart in the second and just be destroyed.  Well that wasn’t the case this time.  The girls in green started out a bit rough due to the extreme Roswell heat – somewhere in the mid 90s.

But it didn’t take long for the Sluggers to get into the game and start making the runs.

After a five point inning for the Sluggers they started to feel pretty good and suddenly the heat didn’t bother them so much.

The heat did take a toll on some of the coaches and players and they started acting a little goofy.

Clearly the faculties of some of the Sluggers had been compromised by dehydration or heat stroke because they became nearly cannibalistic in the dugout.

By the time the third inning rolled around Jordan’s pitching had become increasing wild.

Even with the heat affecting their metal stability the Sluggers were still able to make some solid plays and keep control long enough to win the first game of the night with a score of 15 – 4.

After a quick snack, a cool rest in the new field grass and we let the sun dip under the horizon the Sluggers were ready to work their magic once again.

In the second game the Sluggers really found their groove.

The girls in green connected more singles than and the points just started to pile up.

Between the Slugger hits and the fantastic pitching by Janessa (Jell-O) the game was more than we could have hoped for.

We even had a perfect sacrifice bunt by Alexis (Chiquita) .  Which allowed Champagne(Champ) to run in an inning closing point number five in the first.

Not to shabby.

And the Sluggers win game number two of the double-header with at final score of 15-0.

Just for the record: when you have a group of Sluggers running, throwing, catching and of course hitting, in 90 degree temperatures for two games in a row you end up with something called Slugger Funk or “Slunk“.  That’s the smell of twelve sweaty, dirty Sluggers that have spent the last three hours in a concrete and cinderblock dugout. Just remember to stay up-wind.


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