Sluggers Tournament Tension

As the season ended the Sluggers ended up in third place, but now comes the city tournament. On Tuesday evening at 6:00pm the Sluggers will face the Diamondz again for the fifth time. The previous four games it has been split with Sluggers winning two and the Diamondz winning two, so it should be a great game. To give the Sluggers a little push though, we have set a deal between the team and Coach Tommy. Through some negotiations, Coach Tommy agreed to shave his head completely bald if the Sluggers win the tournament.

The first step to shaving his head though, is to win Tuesday night’s game. If the Sluggers win then they will play in the championship game on Thursday at 6:00pm.

Now, so many of us would love to see Coach Tommy bald, but we can’t win unless we have the support of all our Sluggers family. The girls will need to stay focused and most of all, have fun with it. Every Slugger girl who comes up to bat is a powerhouse hitter, but they get nervous which is normal at their age. Tomorrow, a pray that the girls go into the game knowing how good they are, and finally showing what they can really do in the 10u division.

Doing this will assure that Coach Tommy will need to start applying massive quantities of sunscreen to his head for the summer to prevent his bald head from getting sunburned.

Sluggers, I’m looking forward to a great game, with many laughs. See you tomorrow!


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