Revised 6U Rules and 8U Reminders

Coaches, the following are the revisions for the 6U Rules.  The full document has been updated and is available here: 6U Rules or at the bar above under R.G.S.A. at 6U Rules.


6u rule revisions:

“.. Tee will be used for the rest of year..

2. Once the tee is being used the batter will have one swing to put the ball in play.

A) If the batter swings and misses the Batter is Out.

B) If the batter hits majority of the Tee the batter will be Out! We know there will be some contact with the tee so this is a “Judgement Call” and Will Not Be discussed with the umpire.

C) If the batter hits the ball foul they will have another opportunity to put the ball in play

3. When any fielder attempts to throw the ball to The Pitcher (pitcher has to be in circle) the play will be called dead! The runner will be awarded bases according to where the runners and The Lead runner is.”


8u reminders:

“1. We need to make sure only 2 coach’s are allowed in the outfield on Defense

2. 2 coach’s on the bases on offense.

Coach’s outside the dugouts along the wall are not allowed. We do not need them scrambling around trying to get out of the way of any over throws.”

Come’on coaches, you know better.
Image result for not impressed gif

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Two Helmets in One Day

With a double header today and some strong hits there was only one outcome. Two more Slugger helmets would be earned today.

Jayla got her helmet with three singles and two RBIs in the first game.

Sahniyah earned her green helmet during the second game with a line drive triple.

Good job Sluggers.

We’ve updated our Slugger Batting Stats page, so you can follow along with how well the ladies in lime are doing at the plate.

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Daddy and Me practice

We had or first Daddy and Me practice and it went extremely well.  It wasn’t just dads though.

Daddy and me practice

We also had brothers, uncles and grandfathers on the field, and that’s awesome.  It’s that kind of family involvement that makes this all work.

Daddy and me practice

Daddy and me practice

Daddy and me practice

Daddy and me practice

Daddy and me practice

Good practice ladies…… and good job gentlemen.

Don’t forget; double header tomorrow.  So, we’ll see at the fields.
In your green…

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Big Thanks

Another thanks to our sponsors.  Here are just a few…


If not for our amazing families and community the Sluggers Softball Team just doesn’t happen.

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Our first helmet has been earned

Abi, our youngest slugger, is our first player of the season to earn a green helmet for her batting.  Abi had a great triple in our last game and also earned an RBI on that hit.  That’s how a slugger gets a helmet.  It’s not just about a hard hit.  It’s about a hit that makes a big difference in the game.


As our season continues you will start to see a lot more green helmets on the field.  The Sluggers will keep getting better with the bat and keep earning helmets but for now Abi is the only one.  Not bad for a 6 year old.

Good job kid.

Checkout the stats on the Sluggers Batting Stats page.

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More photos of GHS Varsity in Artesia

Here are some of Friday’s photos and a link to the Photo gallery of Friday’s Game.








Slugger sisters

Roswell & Goddard Slugger Sisters


Here are just a few shots from Saturday and a link to the rest.































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GHS in Artesia

way to keep your eye on the ball

Coach Shanor was very proud of that hit…

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Amazing Photos and a Hunt

While most teams took photos on the Saturday of opening ceremonies the Sluggers couldn’t make that happen. (drama…)
Image result for drama.gif

Not really.  We just couldn’t get all of our little green ducks in a row.  As heartbreaking as it was, it has all worked itself out.  We were able to get our photos done yesterday by the amazing Aj Roe (Photos By Aj).  He was able to help us out and get the Sluggers some fantastic shots.


Aj is also involved in the team photos and sponsor posters for the Goddard High School Softball team.


I may be a bit bias to the subject matter but I think they look great.
If you are in the need for some team photos, senior pictures or have a wedding or other event coming up, you need to give Aj a call.  Go checkout his site and take a look at what he can do.   Thanks Aj.

We also managed to have our annual Sluggers Easter Egg Hunt.  Now my photos aren’t as nice as Aj’s but I guess they’ll have to do.






2018 Sluggers Easter Egg Hunt
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Opening Day 2018 – A tribute to Sam.

Another RGSA Opening Day has come and gone.  Saturday we had our opening ceremonies for this year’s spring season and everything went pretty much as usual.  Our field was a rainbow of untarnished, unstained new uniforms.

The RGSA board and umpires were all ready and of course the bleachers were full of eager families.

There was one important person missing Saturday morning.  For the first time in years, our umpire Sam Delgado was not on the field with us.  Sam passed away not long ago and that left a huge hole in our league family.  Much of Sam’s family and friends were present in his place.


They were there to not only throw out the first pitch but to help us dedicate one of our fields in Sam’s honor.


So, from now on, the field formerly known as “G” will be call “Sam Delgado Field”.


You can see the rest of our opening ceremony photos in our flickr gallery if you like.

We’ll leave the rest of this post with a just a few photos of Sam.

Thanks Sam

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Here we GO!!

The umps are ready.

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