It’s the end.

The end of the 2023 spring season has come.
Tonight we will have our championship games for the 6U, 8U, 10U and 12U age divisions at 6:00pm. The 13+ division played their championship game on Tuesday night to some very full, very loud bleachers.

All teams are invited to come and watch the championship games and help cheer on your fellow athletes. We all know just how much these young ladies have put in so lets show them some support.

ALSO, the RGSA will be providing a free hotdog and bottle water to each of the RGSA athletes at this evening’s event.

After all of our 6:00pm games have finished (about 7:20sh) we will have our closing ceremonies where we will present regular season awards as well as city tournament awards.

We want to give a GIANT congratulations on a job well done, to all the young RGSA super star athletes that participated in this spring season.
We also give a HUGE thank you to our underappreciated, volunteer coaches. These amazing folks don’t get paid for the considerable time and effort they spend guiding our young ladies in the pursuit of greatness. So, good job and thank you to them all.


We’ll see you on the field.


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