Sluggers Updates!!

Ok Slugger Fans!!  We have received our game schedules and will be receiving our last uniform jerseys this evening. Now that we have the schedule for the season you will notice that our website sidebar has finally been updated. Along the right edge of pretty much all of our webpages you will find a generous portion of Slugger data.

You will find not just our game and practice schedules but also our game stats.  That way you can keep up with our season wins and yes possibly losses.  If you don’t like reading the schedule in that format you can find a link to our Sluggers Calendar inside of our Sluggers Links, also on the sidebar. While inside of the Sluggers Calendar you can subscribe to the RSS feed and get emails for all of our game and practice times.

I know, I know.  You don’t have to thank me.  It’s my pleasure to help everyone make the Sluggers Softball team the center of their universe.

Okay – Your Welcome.


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