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  • Special Delivery

    Schedules and uniform shirts are in!!! See you coaches at the meeting tonight.

  • Fall-Ball Registration is Almost Over!!

    We have had a number of calls and emails letting us know that some parents haven’t been able to register their players because, well because everyone is busy these days.  So, in an attempt to help out, we have extended registration by one week. September 4th, 5th and 6th will be the last days you can register your […]

  • Fall-Ball Registration Is Almost Over!

    The Roswell Girls Softball Association (RGSA) has been holding it’s annual fall-ball registration at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex through August, but IT’S ALMOST OVER!!! I don’t know what you’ve been waiting for.  Just image how sad your daughter will be if you forget to register her for the fall season. – so sad. Remaining registration dates are as […]

  • Clinics Clinics Everywhere

    The Roswell Girls Softball Association is now taking registration for fall ball season.  If you have been keeping up with the RGSA then you know that our fall season is designed to be “lighter”, to keep our players active and to give girls from other sports an opportunity to play softball.  With our fall ball […]


    I realize that our spring season is not quit over but we are getting a jump on the fall season and wanted to give you a heads up. On Thursday, June 5, 2014 before and during closing ceremonies, RGSA will be offering a discounted registration price to Fall Ball. If you register your daughter tonight it […]

  • Sluggers Sliding

    Hi again, this is the Sluggers pitcher here and I want to say I had fun at our sliding practice yesterday. It was basically a big slip and slide! We all had so much fun getting wet we tried getting some of the parents into the fun by sharing a few big hugs but no one wanted any. After we got wet, we […]

  • Fall Ball for All!! 2 and 2

    Let’s play ball! Fall ball that is. Saturday we started our first ever fall ball season for the RGSA softball league.  This fall season has been established to be an educational season for the girls in order to establish good techniques and help beginners.  On the Sluggers team, we have done just that.  The Sluggers coaches […]

  • Registration Exaggeration!!!!

    Ok softball enthusiasts, we have had a huge increase in demand and popularity for the first season of fall ball.  You’d think we were giving out free brain-sicles on the hottest day of the zombie apocalypses. Because of the “hoards”, the Roswell Girls Softball Association has decided that player and coach registration will be extended.  Last Saturday was supposed […]

  • Registration Nation

    As you know we had our third Saturday of fall ball registration yesterday at the softball fields. We’ve had some good turnouts the two previous weeks but yesterday was really active.  So much so that we ran out of a few forms and had to make substitutions out of others.  We were planning on quitting […]

  • FALL BALL !!!!!

    Ok softball fans, I know you have heard the rumors that the RGSA will be having a fall league this year. Well I’m here to tell you it’s true. For the first time (as far as I know) we will be having a fall softball season for all those girls that can’t go for six […]