Fall Ball for All!! 2 and 2

Let’s play ball! Fall ball that is. Saturday we started our first ever fall ball season for the RGSA softball league.  This fall season has been established to be an educational season for the girls in order to establish good techniques and help beginners.  On the Sluggers team, we have done just that.  The Sluggers coaches have established goals to work on each week to help prepare us for the spring season.  This allows for our season to slow down and improve our performance.

Our goal is to take a step back and help our girls become better players and hopefully improve ourselves as coaches.  Of course, coach Candice found being a “better coach” a bit difficult in our first game Saturday and got a little intense with the SWAT coach.
neck hugs

Just kidding! Even the coaches are having a good time this fall ball opening day.
Sluggers had a double header and despite the lack of practice time, they did a great job.  There were some good plays where the Sluggers were communicating well with one another.

There were also some great hits at the plate.

The girls made plenty of runs but not all of them came from the balls contacting the bats.  Poor Lizzy can testify to that. (ouch the booty!!)

It was also wonderful to see the Swat team coaches helping their girls in the field.

Helping the girls, that’s what it’s all about – fantastic!

By the end of the first game of our first fall ball season, both teams had performances to be proud of and had a good time too.

Of course that wasn’t the only game of the day.  After the cheer on the mound the Sluggers were quick to grab a snack and cool down a bit on the grass before the next game.

The Sluggers had never played the Invasion team and we didn’t know what to expect.  When we saw them warming up on the field it made us even more nervous, and then look at the first base coach.  I don’t know about you but mirrored sunglasses make me uneasy.

When our girls in green went up to bat it seemed like our fears were well founded.  The Invasion girls sure made it look easy to get a Slugger out.

When the girls took the field they were feeling a bit rough.  Exhaustion from the first game and a disappointing first at bat doesn’t make for happy Sluggers.

– and Lizzy’s booty still hurt from that unfortunate hit earlier.

Well what’s a Slugger to do when things look down?  Who do you turn to when it looks like the fight is all but lost?  The “Champ”.  You turn to Champ because she knows how to chip away at the  Invasion armor.

Game two turned into quite the battle between Invasion and the Sluggers.  Both teams did amazing jobs in the field and at the plate.

By the end of the game everyone had soaked up some sun at the field.

The teams had played hard.

All the girls had improved their games and everyone had had a good time.  Everyone except that that spooky first base coach.

I guess that guy is just never happy.

Curious about our next goal, come to our next game next Saturday.  You can find the schedule here.

Oh yah.  You want to know who won the game?




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