Fall Ball Has Started

Saturday afternoon the RGSA (Roswell Girls Softball Association) kicked-offed, hit-off our second annual fall ball season and it couldn’t have gone better.  After weeks of rain and mud the the sky seemed to realize “it’s time to play ball”.  It was sunny and clear, and our fall ball athletes had missed being on the field.

This season’s RGSA Fall Ball has age divisions from 7U up to  13U.  Even though the older girls can be seen playing some amazing ball some of the most entertaining games are the “bittys”.  Even if a few things need to be pointed out to them –

Those games are some of my favorite to watch.  Those girls try so hard and,

every now and then, something exciting happens.

We had a number of games on Saturday and it was very nice to get some movement back on the fields.

Of course the Sluggers played saturday and I think everyone was very excited to be back in green.  Even if we did add a little pink into the mix.

I know what you’re saying about us having the Sluggers wear something other than black and green.  But, with October being national breast cancer awareness month we thought it would be a nice change of pace.  So there – it’s not as sacrilegious as you thought.

The ladies in green (and pink) did started off a bit rough.  We wanted them to get used to playing different positions so we had everyone shuffled around.  Outfield was infield, second base was catcher, catcher was shortstop.

Everyone was jumbled up and confused, but with good reason.  Confusion keeps you on your toes and that’s how we like our Sluggers – toesie?

They had a few stumbles here and there but,

just like the cream of the crop we all know they are, the Sluggers rose to the top with their first win of the season.  It’s alway nice to start off with a win, don’t you think?

So, there you go.  Fall ball is underway and the first win of the season is in the books for the Sluggers.  Doesn’t the start of a new season get you all fired-up.

Remember, if you want to look at the full photo gallery from saturday, (and there is a lot), just click on any of the images and you’ll be whisked away to that big green slugger photo cloud.  Cool right?!


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