Sluggers Photos ???

I had a question from a few players and parents about all of the old photos from seasons past.  Well, all the photos are still on the web you just need to know how to find them.

You can find a link to the photo gallery on the right side of just about any of our web pages. The link “Sluggers Skydrive Gallery” goes to our Sluggers cloud drive. You didn’t know we had our own cloud did you?  If you go to this link you can find a ridiculous number of old photos from the past few years.

Once you’re in the photo gallery, you will want it to display the folders in a way that you can preview the photos easily.  Make sure you select the small button on the upper right hand corner to get the thumbnail previews.

We have a bunch of photos out there and will be adding more as the season goes on.  If you have any photos of the Sluggers or any other of the softball teams we would love to see them. Email your photos to and as long as they are appropriate they will get posted.

If you think something is missing from our site leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to get it fixed.


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