Sluggers hit the Mits-Fits

The Sluggers and Mits-Fits hit the field on Tuesday evening and coming from a double loss at last Thursday’s games the Sluggers were in a big slump.

The Mits-Fits made quick work of our green girl batters in the first two innings allowing only one Slugger run and making four of their own.

The Sluggers just seemed to be in another place and it was looking like they were going to get stuck in this rut.  In the third inning it still didn’t look great but the Sluggers were able to get on base due to being hit by the Mits-Fits pitcher and walks.  The outs were still coming, they just weren’t coming as fast.

When Mercedes went up to bat the girls had walked in one run and the bases were covered with Sluggers but we already had two outs.

Mercedes fouled three times in a row before shooting one out in-between center and right-field.

That fantastic hit brought in the three girls on base and put the Sluggers back into the game.

Of course Mercedes’ teammate Alexis couldn’t leave her out on base with everyone wanting to congratulate her.  So, Alexis went up and knocked another one into the outfield.

That power hit by Lex was able to bring Mercedes home, bring in the last of five runs they needed for the inning and make sure the Sluggers were on the top of the game.

The green girls were able to hold the Mits-Fits through the rest of the third inning and went back up to bat in the fourth ready to prove a point.

Sonny made a great double and Champaign was able to increase the point gap with steeling home.

With no outs against the Sluggers and the bases loaded when Lizette pounded a grounder at the infield for another point, there wasn’t much the Mits-Fits could do to keep her from first.

With a point gap to large to close Lizette’s wonderful single was the last hit of the game.  The Sluggers may have come into the game “sluggish” but they were able to unify and more than just catchup.  The Sluggers rock the hits.

Sluggers Win – 10-4

Don’t forget you can click on any of the photos to go to that game’s gallery or you can hit the link Sluggers Skydrive Gallery here or on the sidebar to see all of the Sluggers’ photos.


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