R.G.S.A. not M.U.D.

Ok, Slugger fans.  As I’m sure you know by now the games scheduled for Monday night as well as last night have been postponed due to heavy rain on Monday evening and muddy conditions on Tuesday.  News from the RGSA board informs me that the Sluggers game against the Mits-Fits team has been rescheduled for 9:00am this Saturday.  The Wool Bowl tournament which was planned for this weekend had poor registration numbers and did not make.

With all this great news coming down the pipe I wanted to lift everyone’s spirits with some “good” news.  Our most recent recipient of the very coveted Sluggers Green Helmet is non-other than Mercedes.  Mercedes is a very dynamic Slugger and plays many positions.

Her skills behind home plate make her one of the best catchers in the 10U age division but Mercedes is also great as our left fielder and more recently our first base.

Turns out that she is amazing at covering first but the great glove skills isn’t how a Slugger gets a new helmet.  It’s all about the bat.  Mercedes has had some great hits early in the season but in our last game against X-Plode she had two that lead to extra points for the Sluggers and that makes a difference.

Good job Slugger.  The helmet and pride are yours to keep.

So to close out:  We have our makeup game this Saturday @ 9:00am and – Mercedes Rocks!!!


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