Roswell Girls Softball Association

The Roswell Girls Softball Association (R.G.S.A.) is a non-profit organization in Roswell, New Mexico.  The RGSA is run completely by volunteers and the parents of our players, providing Roswell area girls an opportunity to participate in an organized athletic activity.  Our age divisions start at 5 years old and go up to 14 years old.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for participation in an organized fast-pitch softball league for girls; to educate and encourage girls regardless of race, creed or national origin.  We teach sportsmanship and fair play, tutor girls in the physical and mental coordination of the game of softball and the importance of rules and team participation.  We also develop, between the Association and the general public, a united effort that will provide advantages in physical, mental and social growth for girls in the Roswell Area.


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  1. Hello! My Names Laura I just had a quick question I was curious as to when the Season begins and where can I fill out a registration Form.?

    1. Laura,
      Our season usually starts mid to late February. We start registrations in early January and we’ll post registration forms a few weeks before that.
      If you have any other questions please let us know.


  2. alejandra gonzales Avatar
    alejandra gonzales

    whats the youngest to join and are kids/teens still able to join?

    1. Alejandra,
      Our ages are from 5 years to 14 years old. After 14 years old most girls are playing with the high school programs.

  3. Heard a rumor that 14U no longer exists and that 13 year old girls will be playing with 17 year old high school girls. And existing 14U teams that have been practicing since last season will have be disbanded and restacked due to geographics. Any credence to this?

    1. For the 2022 fall season, we will be restructuring our 14U age division. The RGSA board has been discussing how to better serve our older athletes. It is our goal to help the softball players that are in middle school to prepare for and succeed in high school programs. To do that, we are coordinating with those high school programs on how to do just that.

      We will be contacting the local 14U coaches to discuss how these changes will work and how the teams will be impacted. Currently, we are not planning on disbanding existing teams but players will be impacted dependent on school districts / zones.

      This restructuring will also help those kids that sometimes fall in an age gap where they are too old for our 14U age division but do not always have the skill set to qualify for high school ball.

      Also, this is only for FallBall.

      1. As a parent, I do like the chance for girls to continue on honing their skills. However, I do have some further questions. Why are parents not included in this decision making process? It is their children, not the leagues. Testing the water so to speak. I mean there is a FB page. Right? Everyone has FB, mostly. Couple of minutes and done.

        The only reason I bring that up is 13 year olds will be playing with superior in skill and older girls that will be playing at a level that they may not be capable of. That may be a liability issue with possible injuries. That is well within the realm of possibility. See including parents in the decision making process. Instead, the message being conveyed is hush hush and deal with it. I do see the intended goal of what’s to be gained out of this. Communication however is quite lackluster. I do hope that is not intentional.

        I have spoken to a few coaches as well. Not a happy bunch. It would seem that they were left out of the decision making process also. Alienated. Not something a good leader wouldn’t remotely do for successful outcome. It does have an effect on them, some in a negative light with the geographics idea.

        Is there a meeting on this? Can parents attend?

        (Mr. S.
        As you know, facebook is not the best place to have an actual conversation and more often then not, degrades into unsubstantiated rumors and unnecessary fears and complaints. The possibility of injuries is a valid concern and is a risk for every athlete in every sport.

        Since you have talked to some coaches then you are aware that we have already contacted the coaches that we know will be participating in the 14U age division in the up coming fall season. That meeting has been scheduled and we will be going over details with them at that point.

        Again, this is a FallBall / 14U only adjustment.)

  4. Paulino Ortiz Avatar
    Paulino Ortiz

    Would it be possible to run the bases at nite time?

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