RGSA Draft Day is Coming

Yup that’s right.  This Saturday is our last day for player registration and a week after that is draft day.  You don’t want to forget to register your girl for the season.  Can you imagine the emotional scars that could cause your precious little girl.  

Just kidding, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that dramatic.  Of course results depend on individual girls – “Your results my vary.”

Again, a week after that is draft day and that’s the day when coaches get to pick up brand new players for their teams.

Of course, the draft is only for the players that are not returning to a team they played with last spring.  If your player is new to the RGSA league or she is interested in finding a new team to play on she will need to participate in the draft.  If a player that needs to be in the draft is not present that player cannot be placed up on a team until all draftees in attendance have been selected.

The info:

**The draft will take place Saturday, March 7th at the Charlie McVay Softball Complex.
**Don’t forget to wear your cleats and bring your own softball glove.  A hat and a bottle of water wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Check-in is from 10:30am-10:45am

Skills are from 10:45am-11:30am

Check-in is from 11:30am-12:00pm

Skills are from 12:15pm-1:15pm

Check-in is from 12:45pm-1:15pm

Skills are from 1:30pm- 2:30pm

Check-in is from 2:30 pm

Skills are from 2:45-3:45pm

*Once teams are established on or by March 12th, 2015 coaches should be contacting each player. Please give coaches a few days to make contact before contacting league to see what team your daughter will be on.


4 responses to “RGSA Draft Day is Coming”

  1. Do 6u need to attend?

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    1. The 6U girls do not need to attend the draft. The coaches will just draw names for the 6U teams.

  2. What happens if we are not able to attend the draft? We will be out of town on the 7th.

    1. Cory,
      If your player can’t make the draft she will be placed in a “hat-pick” draw by the coaches after all of the other girls have been drafted. She will be placed on a team even if she is not at the draft.

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